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Photographer - Videographer - Creative Director - DJ

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Tyler Austrie is a multi-passionate, Bay Area creative, known primarily for his photography and commercial filmmaking abilities. Tyler enjoys creating photos and videos for the refreshing point of view and the opportunity to connect with others in a creative way. Some of his favorite pass time hobbies include attending art and music events with friends, going for long runs or bike rides, exploring the outdoors and traveling. Tyler is also known as a DJ when he's not behind the camera. To stay up to date with Tyler and his latest work, follow him on social media @tyleraustrie.







Vibe Magazine/ White Room Global/ ARTogether/ Acton Academy Silicon Valley/ The People's Clinic in Palo Alto/ San Jose State University/ STS Travel Agency/ KICKZ, Inc./ Santa Clara University/ Oculus, Facebook/ Silicon Valley African American Community Service Agency/ MeUndies/ Adidas/ 300poundsandrunning/ Nerdwithabs



Drewie Decimal, Swavey Dupree, Foreign Glizzy, Xz.Avier, Benji Patterson, Onamé, Lady Vel, Freddy Flopez, Sydequest, BigDaddyChop


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