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Tyler Austrie productions serves to bring out the raw authenticity from his subjects by capturing moments that are most genuine and unique to the couple. Weddings tend to be an intimate moment not only for the bride and groom but for the people documenting this momentous occasion as well. Throughout the day, the videographer will spend ample time around the couple getting shots from both close and afar. Personal space is of utmost importance, therefore we like to keep the essence of the day about the couple shooting from a fly on the wall perspective majority of the time. Allowing the natural course of the day to transpire. We want to capture the organic moments and compile it in an entertaining way to create a fond lasting experience. Of course there will be some shots that we’ll suggest in order to ensure the particular feeling is being conveyed through the film but ultimately, we want to feel like another guest enjoying the moment simultaneously. We like to become friends with the couple to ease any awkward tension in order to create a heightened sense of comfortability between you and the camera. Vibes are a big thing for us. Good vibes not only help the day go by smoothly but they also transfer over into the finished product. We like to shoot our wedding films in a documentary style with some music video aspects intertwined. We like to get to know the couple and create personalized wedding videos around their vision. Our preference is to use sentimental soft music paired with crisp, elongated shots of the bride and groom, family and friends, speeches, hype from the grand entrance and reception, details of the garments, the venue and scenery… all that. It all combines to create a vivid long lasting memory. It is our pleasure to have the opportunity to share this wonderful moment with you and to create a beautiful work of art. Our ultimate goal is couple satisfaction. We hope that this film will remind you of the love you both shared during this day and will be something you’ll cherish for generations to come.

With much love and respect,


-Tyler Austrie

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